Piano Lessons

Jessica in The Rainbow PIANO STUDIO

Singer-Songwriter-Pianist Jessica Fogle a.k.a. Jessica in The Rainbow is a West Michigan (Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Norton Shores) piano teacher & songwriting mentor/tutor – specializing in adaptable lessons, primarily beginners through late-intermediate to early-advanced (welcoming transfer students who struggled with traditional lessons), and students with unique learning styles.   Creative, adaptable, intuitive approach via traditional method/classical books mixed with pop/rock “fun” piano accompanying and songwriting (if the student is interested!)   No two students are the same, so no two approaches to lessons should be the same either!

Visit Jessica in The Rainbow Piano Studio on Facebook and send me a message to see if there is room in my studio! (or to be put on the waiting list)  Or email jessicaintherainbow AT gmail.com for more information (please use @ symbol – this helps me avoid spam :).  At the time of this update (7/2018), the studio is essentially full, however quite a few of my kids are in high school – and so turnover does happen with changing sports schedules, going off to college, or needing to simplify their lives or activities.  Also I teach some older kids for just a year sometimes, in a crash-course in pop songwriting/piano sort of way!  So spots do open up!

And please visit my testimonials page to see all the families and students who have been happy with my work over the years 🙂

Also if you’d like to read more about me and my work, please email me – I have an info packet I’m happy to send you, which includes some basic policies plus a lot more about my background as a pianist/songwriter! (or you can read a quick summary of my experience via my resume instead 🙂


On Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, I teach weekly lessons in Grand Haven & Spring Lake, $25/lesson, and I travel to my students homes! (with a very small amount of kids coming to my home in central GH, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons).


On Mondays, I teach weekly lessons in Norton Shores, MI (at my piano studio in the music library at Mona Shores High School) – also for $25 per 30-minute lesson.  These spots are primarily for students in the Norton Shores school district, elementary through high school are welcome!

*Over 10 years of successful piano teaching experience – was one of the most adaptable and highly referred teachers at Piano Lessons In Your Home in Chicago, in addition to having very happy families and high student retention.  


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