Jessica in The Rainbow

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I’ve been a songwriter for as long as I can remember.  Maybe age 3?  My family was very supportive, and many teachers were as well.  Some friends were not, however, and I learned things at a young age in social situations that caused me to shy away from who I truly am.  Thankfully I am now living a life that is true to my deepest self, and as much as possible, guided more by curiosity than fear.

Perhaps the reason I believe SO much in encouragement and positive support of talents (and gentle help with weaknesses), is because I have lost faith in myself as a singer-songwriter so many times in my life – and the only thing that ever helped me regain confidence in my path (the path I deeply wanted to follow but was often afraid to) was ENCOURAGEMENT.  Either from myself or others.  Being excessively challenged or told constantly I wasn’t good enough, has always caused me to quit or shy away from things.  So to anyone out there who wants to write songs, or play piano, or guitar, or follow any dream of any kind, I hope you decide to believe in your own unique potential today! 🙂

And now for the official stuff…here’s my BIO these days as a singer-songwriter (but please listen for yourself! visit my links page to hear my work online… older albums from my Chicago days were released under my name, and since moving to Michigan I’ve been releasing and performing as ‘Jessica in The Rainbow’ 🙂

‘Jessica in The Rainbow’ is Jessica Fogle, a singer/songwriter and classically-trained pianist (Lawrence University – Conservatory of Music), with an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a soundtrack to a movie-musical under her belt (“Were the World Mine” – which won 15 awards, including Best Music in the 2008 Nashville Film Fest).  Her truest love of writing solo songs and creating albums, however, has been with her since childhood, at which time she created bands with neighbors and later won multiple statewide songwriting awards, complete with school assemblies for her original music.  After releasing her first studio album “Du Bist Einen Fogle!” in 2010, in Chicago with producer Ethan Stoller (Music Editor for the Netflix series “Sense8,” with the Wachowski Brothers), and later re-releasing a mastered version of a live album “Melancholy Frog” in 2011 (originally released in 2007, co-produced with Garrett Lane), she moved to the tiny idyllic town of Grand Haven, Michigan and began sowing new seeds.  During her years in Chicago, she developed a local following, was a staple at Gallery Cabaret and The Orphanage, performed all over the city including opening for Cheer-Accident at The Hideout, and received radio airplay on WXRT.

‘Jessica in The Rainbow’ is her pseudonym since moving to Michigan.  “Catalysts” – her first album as ‘Jessica in The Rainbow’ – was released independently on November 30th 2014, with a small tour in West Michigan, Chicago, and Minneapolis.  The album is piano-based, mellow and atmospheric, with delicate alto vocals and her usual love of MIDI space/twinkle sounds.  It also prominently features guest musicians Hunter Zhao on cello, and Maddie & Daphne Jackson on banjo-ukelele, bongos, and vocal harmonies, among other local talents.  It was recorded with Ian Gorman (of ‘Red Sea Pedestrians’, frequent studio engineer of Seth Bernard & May Erlewine, and other Earthwork artists) of La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, MI.  The album was nominated for “Best Album by a New Artist” and “Album of the Year” by the 88.1 WXRT Jammies (2015) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was a finalist for “Best Jazz Album” (for its jazz-folk elements).  She has been compared by her fans to Jenny Lewis, Rufus Wainwright, Joanna Newsom, and Cat Power, among others.  She was recently an “Emerging Songwriter” resident for 2 weeks at the Crosshatch (formerly I.S.L.A.N.D.) Hill House in Northern Michigan, and will have songs featured in the publication ‘Paramanu Pentaquark’.  Her next two albums “Everything’s True” and “Trees for Clouds” are currently in production and one will prominently feature piano, while the other will feature orchestrations by Elisabeth Blair.”


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